If you’re in the Retail industry and would like to be a member of the Singapore Service Star scheme, you need to satisfy the pre-requisites and meet the following membership criteria.


1. Be in operation for at least a year

2. Have at least one business outlet (with a storefront)

3. Registered with ACRA and hold all valid permits and licenses required in relation to the conduct of business



1. Need to pass Mystery Shopping assessment by scoring above the service mark of 70 or the Retail service segment average, whichever is higher

2. Undertake and comply with the scheme’s Code of Practice and Trade Requirements (where applicable)

3. No history of warning letters from STB and/or past records in STB’s Listing of Errant Retailers in the past 2 years upon application and during membership period

4. No history of entering into a Voluntary Compliance Agreement/Injunction with STB or CASE

New applicants and current members will be assessed based on the previous year’s service segment’s average score which is illustrated through the matrix below.

Members are required to consistently meet the membership criteria in order to renew their membership. STB reserves the right to withdraw any member from the Singapore Service Star scheme if the member fails to do so.